i love my jordan! <3

i wish everyone could just forget the past 2 years and give him a clean slate. the worst part i was just as awful to him and it’s my fault all my friends think he’s absolute shit (which hes not at all ok).

things are going a lot better. i’m pretty down in the dumps normally but i feel pretty decent about the future and junk. just gotta make it. end of 2015. which it’ll be winter so PEACE canada i’ll be staying here hahah til that shit is over

listening to alice in chains is weirdly theraputic.

okay, layne is talking about shooting dope for like half of his songs, but it’s good shit.

makes me think of when me and jon used to just chill and watch tv and get fast food. blah. i miss that loser. i hate being so far from my sisters. i just missed a day to hang with julie. fuckin’ werk.

What in God’s name have you done?
Stick your arm for some real fun
So your sickness weighs a ton
And God’s name is smack for some”